SNY Counts Down Big East's Top 10 Basketballers


With the Big East basketball tournament set for next week, SNY will commemorate the conference's 30-year history with a special paying tribute to its top 10 players.
The regional sports network will premiere the Beasts of the Big East: Top 10 All-Time Players on March 8 at 8:30 p.m.
The conference's best were selected by a panel of experts: its first commissioner Dave Gavitt; former commissioner Mike Tranghese; former player of the year, Pitt's Charles Smith; ex-Providence coach Tim Welsh, the award-winning New York Post columnist Lenn Robbins, Seton Hall radiocaster Gary Cohen; and current St. John's radiocaster.
As the top-10 player rankings are released, host Gary Apple will be joined by a panel of experts live in studio,  including Smith, Welsh, Robbins and Tierney as they debate the players who did and didn't  make the list. The special on SNY, the cable home to the Big East and the New York Mets, will feature exclusive interviews with the top players, some of whom figure to be Georgetown center Patrick Ewing, St. John's small forward Chris Mullin and UConn guard Ray Allen