SoapNet to Clean Up On-Air Look


Two-year-old SoapNet plans to scrub up its image with a new on-air look, set
to launch June 9.

The bold new logo and interstitials are more closely aligned with the
channel's audience than those developed prior to SoapNet's launch, general
manager Deborah Blackwell said.

'We wanted to be more contemporary in our look,' she added, especially after
research determined that SoapNet's viewers were much younger than the typical
daytime drama crowd.

The new design showcases sophisticated graphics and colors in an effort to
attract a more upscale crowd of working women -- and men -- who use SoapNet to
time-shift the dramas they may have started watching in their teens.

According to research, about 15 to 20 percent of SoapNet's viewership is

The network is now carried in about 23.8 million homes.

New York-based ad agency PMCD Design helped to develop the logo and on-air

The new logo and graphic redesign will also carry over to the network's Web

Blackwell said the channel would continue to refine its on-air look over
time. 'You never want it to be static,' she added.