Software Helps Cox Spot PC Problems


SupportSoft Inc. said last week that Cox Communications Inc. has signed a deal to use Voice Assist software to help serve cable-modem customers that call in for help.

The software should help Cox resolve broadband technical issues over the phone, through automated collection and coding of information about a subscriber’s personal computer.

SupportSoft has broad deployments among cable companies, but Cox is the first to try Voice Assist.

The coded information provides customer-service representatives with more precise knowledge about the issues they are dealing with. That helps them come to speedy diagnoses and fix computer or connectivity problems.

The software delivers to call centers a 16-digit code, created by SupportSoft’s Smart Issue technology.

The software allows troubleshooting to begin even if a subscriber doesn’t currently have a network connection. That’s key, because about half of all problems that come into call centers involve network connectivity, said SupportSoft director of product marketing Marc Itzkowitz.

SupportSoft’s subscriber agent can handle 80% to 85%, of those problems, he said. “Voice Assist gives you the ability to handle the others. In the event of a connection failure, the CSR has a picture of the entire computing environment.”

The software activates even if a subscriber is in the phone queue, waiting to speak to a CSR.

“While they are waiting, we can generate codes and can head off calls,” he said.

“SupportSoft solutions are essential ingredients in helping Cox Communications provide multiple service channels to our broadband subscribers, whether they prefer the Web, online chat or the telephone,” Cox director of Internet-support applications Keith Lindsay said in a statement. “With the addition of SupportSoft Voice Assist software, we are ensuring that our subscribers always enjoy a great customer-service experience.”

Cox already uses SupportSoft’s service automation suite for Web-based self-service (, as well as SupportSoft’s Live Assist SMB.

SupportSoft also introduced BusinessExpress, a new software-product suite designed for cable operators pitching the business-to-business market.

The software includes self-installation options for auto-provisioning, and knowledge accumulation to help solve problems and increase customer satisfaction.

The software also allows for easier installation of value-added services like Web conferencing or anti-virus protection and software blockers for unwanted spam, malware and spyware.