SONICblue Won't Have to Reveal ReplayTV Data

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SONICblue Inc. won't have to provide data on ReplayTV customers' viewing
habits for now.

The company, which now owns the ReplayTV line of personal video recorders,
won a stay in an April 26 ruling by a federal magistrate ordering it to turn
over the viewing data as part of a lawsuit filed by Paramount Pictures, AOL Time
Warner Inc. and the 'Big Three' television networks.

The movie and network consortium brought the suit, claiming that ReplayTV's
newest 'Replay 4000' digital-video recorder will damage their businesses because
it allows customers to automatically skip over ads and violates copyrights
because recorded programs can be sent via the Internet to other ReplayTV

Judge Florence-Marie Cooper issued the stay, which will last through at least
June 2. On that date, the judge will hear SONICblue's request to bench the
lower-court ruling altogether.

'We are pleased that the court has granted this stay and look forward to a
full hearing in this matter,' SONICblue president and CEO Ken Potashner