Sony, Delivery Agent Forge TV Commerce Deal

Extend T-Commerce Support To Android & iOS Devices
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Delivery Agent said Sony Corp. has integrated its ShopTV television commerce application with Sony’s TV SideView platform

They said the deal will enable TV viewers to shop for products seen in (and related to) TV programming directly from the TV SideView application.

Sony's TV SideView application uses second screen connectivity to provide a graphical interface through which consumers can interact with their TV, view listings and manage/operate embedded applications on the primary TV screen. The integration extends TV SideView functionality by enabling users to shop for products related to the programming they’re viewing.

The shopping component is powered by Delivery Agent’s proprietary “contextual database” that maps products for sale to a network, show, episode, character, scene or ad.

Sony and Delivery Agent announced the deal at IFA Berlin, the Consumer Electronics Fair, which runs through September 10.

 “TV watching is no longer the family sitting around a single screen, but rather an omni-channel experience that involves TVs, tablets, phones and laptops,” said Mike Fitzsimmons, Delivery Agent CEO, in a statement. “We understand this shift and believe that integrating our t-commerce technology with innovative applications like Sony’s TV SideView is an opportunity to expand and enhance the way viewers interact with their favorite TV content via their preferred devices.”

Delivery Agent’s partners include NBC, Fox, CBS, HBO, Showtime, Comcast, Cablevision Systems, AT&T, and Verizon Communications, among others.

Last year, Delivery Agent, in an effort to make it easier for consumers to make purchases via the remote control or second-screen apps, announced an integration deal with PayPal.