Sony Hack Fallout: MPAA, Google Spar Over Specter Of SOPA

Google Points To Stealth Campaign To Revive

The Sony hack is the news story that just keeps on giving.

Among the leaked e-mails, says The Verge, and now Google as well, appear to be ones in which lawyers from the Motion Picture Association of America (Sony is a member), six major studios talk about "Goliath" (purportedly a code name for Google) and how they can prevent piracy by blocking Web sites, among other means.

In response to that story, Google SVP and general counsel Kent Walker blogged that the company was worried that the studios, with the help of a state attorney general, were reviving the campaign for tough anti-piracy legislation that ran Into a Silicon Valley-driven buzz saw two years ago. In an update to that blog, he said that after receiving a subpoena from the attorney general, the company had filed a brief (PDF) asking the subpoena to be set aside the subpoena.

"We are deeply concerned about recent reports that the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) led a secret, coordinated campaign to revive the failed SOPA legislation through other means, and helped manufacture legal arguments in connection with an investigation by Mississippi State Attorney General Jim Hood," he said.

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