Sony PlayStation 4 Drops on November 15

Sony Has Received 1 Million Pre-Orders for $399 Console

The PlayStation 4, Sony’s new, souped-up  gaming console, will launch on November 15 in North America, November 29 in Europe, and carry a retail price of $399 – undercutting the price set for Microsoft new console, the Xbox One, by $100.

Sony has received more than 1 million preorders for the PS4 worldwide, Sony Computer Entertainment chief Andrew House said Tuesday at the Gamescom event in Cologne, Germany.  

Microsoft will launch its console in November, in time for the holiday buying season, but has not yet set a release date.

The PS4 is of particular interest to the cable industry because it’s expected to serve as one of the conduits for Sony's rumored, competitive subscription pay TV service.  Last week, The Wall Street Journal reported that Sony had reached a “preliminary” deal to offer channels from Viacom, indicating that it could be ahead of similar services already under development at Intel Media and Google.

Microsoft is taking a different approach to TV. Rather than delivering a pay TV service over-the-top, Microsoft will continue its partnership path with MVPDs. The Xbox One will initially support live pay TV services by tethering itself to MSO-supplied set-tops and gateways via a protected HDMI connection. 

Time Warner Cable, which has plans to offer about 300 live TV channels to the Xbox 360 before the summer’s out,  has indicated that it is also developing support for the Xbox One.