Sony Sets Fall Launch For PlayStation TV

Will Sell Gaming/Media Hub For $99 In U.S. and Canada
Sony PlayStationTV launch 450x345.jpg

Sony will sell the PlayStation TV, a miniaturized gaming console/media player in Canada and the U.S. this fall for $99, the CE giant announced Monday night at the E3 confab in Los Angeles. .

The set-top box-like device, which debuted in Japan last year as the PlayStation Vita TV, will be able to pair with the new PlayStation 4, allowing users to play PS4 games remotely on a secondary TV in the home. The $99 price is for the device only, and does not include a controller. Sony will reportedly sell the PlayStation TV bundled with a controller, an 8 GB memory card and a digital download code for game based on The Lego Movie  for $139

In a nod to the sort of gaming and media focus of the recently launched Amazon Fire TV set-top, Sony noted that the PlayStation TV will also provide access to movies and TV shows via the PlayStation Store, along with an array of other media streaming service options, but didn’t identify any specific apps that will be supported early on.

The PlayStation TV  will also allow users to play “hundreds” of PS3 titles via the PlayStation Now service, which is set to launch in North America on July 31, while also supporting most PlayStation Vita titles and “classics” that debuted on Sony’s older-gen PS1 and PS2 consoles.

While Sony’s new product carries the “TV” label, the company did not use its E3 press conference last night to shed more light on a plan to offer a broadband-delivered pay-TV offering that will feature live TV, on-demand content and a DVR service. Sony announced at the International CES confab in January that it expects to start tests on that OTT video service later this year.

Here’s a video of Sony’s PlayStation TV announcement at E3: