Sony's Gracenote Widens TV Ad Play

Announces Deals with Invidi, DG and mDialog for Ad Solutions Based on Auto Content Recognition
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Gracenote, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Sony Corporation of America, announced partnerships with Invidi Technologies, DG and mDialog to develop enhanced TV advertising solutions that use Gracenote's technology for automatically identifying TV programs and commercials.

Earlier this month, Zeebox, the U.K.-based startup whose backers include Comcast, NBCUniversal and Viacom, announced a deal to integrate Gracenote's automatic content recognition system into the Zeebox companion apps to identify TV programming based on audio information.

Gracenote's ACR technology can use audio and video fingerprinting technology to determine what viewers are currently watching on any given screen.

With targeted-advertising vendor Invidi, Gracenote said it will create an addressable-advertising system that can identify what TV programs and commercials viewers are watching in real time and determine which commercials should play next. Invidi’s customers include DirecTV, Dish Network and Verizon’s FiOS TV.

Gracenote said it will tap into Invidi’s ad-decisioning engine to let advertisers select certain households and individual audience demographics and target them with specific commercials.

With DG, an ad management and distribution provider, Gracenote said it will create ways for marketers to deliver enhanced ad solutions for smart TVs and second-screen devices. In addition, Gracenote announced a relationship with online video management company mDialog to create targeted advertising solutions for traditional cable and satellite TV programming.

"Today, every new form of media specifically targets advertising to its intended audience,” Gracenote president Stephen White said in a statement. “Being able to bring these same capabilities to cable and satellite TV will change the way we all experience programs and advertising."

Emeryville, Calif.-based Gracenote provides music and video metadata and recognition technologies to music publishers and labels, movie studios and TV networks.