Soundtrack Tries Leased-Access Route


The Soundtrack Channel -- the proposed 24-hour service of videos featuring
movie and TV scores or songs -- is taking chunks of leased-access time in Los
Angeles to build audience and operator support.

Adelphia Communications Corp.'s systems in the area started running one hour
of Soundtrack-provided material three days per week on their leased-access
channel July 23.

Soundtrack disclosed the situation Tuesday afternoon in a press release,
adding that AT&T Broadband's and Charter Communications Inc.'s Los Angeles
operations will be offered the same pitch.

'We like to think of this as being the world's first infomercial for a
cable-TV channel,' Soundtrack founder and CEO Bill Lee said. 'We know how
competitive it is in this market, so in order to break through the clutter, we
chose a route that would give us direct access to viewers.'

Soundtrack will self-promote its leased-access play through several venues,
including Internet sites and community papers.

Besides videos, the access shows will include film/TV-composer interviews,
new film trailers and on-location production segments.

Soundtrack -- which has Gaylord Entertainment Co. and MWP Editorial aboard as
joint-venture partners -- is mulling over leased-access distribution in New York
and other metropolitan areas.