Sources: FCC Looking To Reunite Net Neutrality Stakeholders


According to an industry source and seconded by one close to one of the Federal Communications Commissioners, agency chairman Julius Genachowski is looking to get net neutrality stakeholders back together this week to talk about a compromise on network neutrality regs, along the lines of a scuttled bipartisan legislative solution, with the goal of moving something by the end of the year.
"I do expect them to have [a stakeholder meeting]," said the FCC source, "if they have not already." A source, with one of the parties to past industry talks at the FCC and elsewhere, said there had been no weekend meeting, but a source with another of those parties said they were expecting one this week.

Talks about a legislative fix for network neutrality began at the FCC before moving outside the building after a Google/Verizon side agreement threw a monkey wrench into those, then over to Capitol Hill where the bill collapsed under the weight of Republican opposition. The goal now would be voting something out by the end of the year, pinned to the FCC's existing Title I regime for overseeing broadband rather than reclassifying under Title II, which got strong pushback from some House Democrats as well as virtually all the Republicans.

The FCC source also says Genachowski was considering pushing the December meeting date back from Dec. 15 to Dec. 20 or 21 to give him more time to line up support before circulating an order. The meeting had not been moved as of late Sunday, according to an FCC spokesperson.

A source familiar with the FCC's agenda said that no meeting with stakeholders had yet been held and none had yet been scheduled for this week. A Saturday meeting would have been held without outgoing National Cable & Telecommunications Association president, Kyle McSlarrow, one of the major stakeholders and past participant in FCC and outside negotiations. He was scheduled to be in Michigan for a family football outing.