Southern Calif. Suit for Time Warner


A potential class-action was filed on behalf of former Comcast and Adelphia Communications consumers who have been inconvenienced by cable and Internet operational changes made to their services by Time Warner Cable as is tries to integrate operations serving cable customers in five Southern California counties.

The suit was filed before the Thanksgiving holiday in Los Angeles Superior Court by attorneys for consumer Toby Miller. One plaintiff's attorney, Alexander Rufus-Isaacs, said consumers have been aggrieved by Internet outages, sometimes as long as one week, and by long waits for in-home service and to get a live operator on the phone.

"We're interested in hearing from other people with problems" in addition to the named plaintiff, the attorney said. At this point, the intended class would be Southern California customers, but the firm is researching the ultimate size of the class, he added.

Time Warner is in the midst of the physical migration of consumers over to its own Road Runner servers -- a transition that has caused service outages, loss of e-mail and other disruptions.

The company is also switching channel lineups in hopes of creating a single lineup for all Time Warner-operated systems in a five-county area. But the latter effort has also moved some channels from expanded basic onto a higher-priced digital tier.

The Nov. 22 suit accused Time Warner of breach of contract, fraud and deceit, among other claims. The cable company has not yet been served the suit.