Space Station Gets Sponsors


Bethesda, Md.-Discovery Channel, which covered land and sea in its past two "Watch With the World" programming events, goes extraterrestrial for the next one:Inside the Space Station.

That one-hour Dec. 10 global event about the International Space Station will be sponsored in 149 countries by British Airways and Sun Microsystems Inc. and in the U.S. by MasterCard International Inc.

As in the past, Discovery Networks U.S. will offer ad avails and promotions across multiple platforms, which range from cable to the Web to Discovery's own retail-store chain.

Each previous "Watch" event, Cleopatra's Palace: In Search of a LegendandRaising the Mammoth,was viewed by more than 30 million viewers worldwide, according to Discovery.

Mammoth,cosponsored globally by Ford Motor Co. and Computer Associates International, was the network's top-rated show until mid-April'sWalking with Dinosaurs.