Spanish-Language Cable, Network Cable Sustain Least Q1 Ad Spending Damage


With the recession engulfing the U.S. economy, ad spending declined 12% during the first quarter as each sector lost ground when measured against the year-earlier period.

All told, advertising spending dropped to $27.9 billion in the first quarter, down from $31.7 billion, according to Nielsen Co. estimates
Amidst the bad news, Spanish-language cable and national cable suffered the least pain percentage-wise, dipping 1.1% and 2.7%, respectively.
Overall, TV remained the dominant medium, accounting for two-thirds of media advertising dollars, according to Nielsen.
Network television was off 4.8% to $5.76 billion, according to Nielsen, sustaining the fourth lowest drop, 4.8%, by percentage. Spanish-language TV declined 13.8%, while spot TV, within the top 100 DMAs, dropped 15.6%. Syndication declined 18.8%, while spot TV, within DMAs No. 101-200, fell 28.9% in the first quarter, according to Nielsen.
Off 3.4%, the Internet endured the third-lowest percentage drop.

Media Category Q1 2009 vs. Q1 2008
Spanish-Language Cable TV -1.1%
Cable TV -2.7%
Internet* -3.4%
Network TV -4.8%
FSI Coupon -7.5%
Spot Radio -9.0%
Outdoor -10.7%
Network Radio -12.6%
Spanish-Language TV -13.8%
Local Newspaper -14.3%
Spot TV Top 100 DMAs -15.6%
Syndication TV -18.8%
National Magazine -20.6%
Local Magazine -23.6%
National Sunday Supplement -25.9%
National Newspaper -27.7%
Spot TV 101-210 DMAs -28.9%
B-to-B Magazines -29.9%
Local Sunday Supplements -37.7%
Total -12%
Source: The Nielsen Company
* Internet advertising expenditures account for CPM-based, image-based advertising. These reported estimated expenditures do not account for paid search advertising, text only, paid fee services, performance-based campaigns, sponsorships, barters, in-stream ("pre-rolls") players, messenger applications, partnership advertising, promotions and email campaigns, or house advertising activity.