Spike Lee Sets ESPN Pilot


Filmmaker Spike Lee is slated to work on a series pilot based on his feature
film, He Got Game, for ESPN, officials at the sports network said

Mark Shapiro, ESPN’s executive vice president of programming and production,
discussed the potential Lee project that’s in the hopper during a press
conference call on the network’s first dramatic series,

Playmakers, a behind-the-scenes at the lives of a fictional pro-football
team, debuts next Tuesday. Shapiro told reporters ESPN’s other scripted show in
the works is the one based on He Got Game.

"We are working out some details with Spike Lee, who is going to pen a pilot
script, an extension of his He Got Game feature, which would follow
college basketball, and that could also launch either next summer or early fall
[2004], depending on the scripts and if the pilot came out to what we expect,"
Shapiro said.

"From a series point, that’s where we are," he added. "At this point, we’re
looking at just a pilot for next year with Spike, because we’re getting pretty
late in the process here."

Ultimately, if Playmakers does well in the ratings and is renewed for
next year, Shapiro said, he would like to move it to the fall, during the
football season, and have the Lee series run in the summer.