Spike Orders 'Auction Hunters'

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Separating trash from treasure is becoming a big business in the cable TV programming space.

From pawn shops to 'pickers,' the genre is picking up steam and Spike TV is the latest outlet looking to mine the vein. The network will debut the unscripted show Auction Hunters Nov. 9. The series follows a pair of public auction prospectors who bid on unclaimed storage units, of which there are some 10,000 per day being auctioned, according to Spike.

The show looks at the auction--"the dig"--where Clinton "Ton" Jones and Allen Haff search the units for valuable items, and (if they are lucky) "the sell." It will focus on unusual or historic items like the first black powder revolver--Jones is a gun expert--or a vintage slot machine--Haff is an antiques dealer.

Spike has picked up eight half-hours produced by Gurney Productions (Animal Planet's I'm Alive).