Spike Puts Roadies' Role On Reality Tour


Ever wonder what it takes to make it as a rock 'n' roll roadie? Well, wonder no more — Spike TV's new reality show, On the Road is about to reveal every step from making sure the food is hot to buying the right size condoms. Grab a pen.

On the Road hauls eight music-industry wanna-bees around the country for Sugar Ray's summer concert tour. The contestants get packed into a bus for eight weeks doing the absurd and difficult for a chance at a job at a record company. Every week, they're evaluated by the general manager of Lava Records, Lee Trink, and one person loses access to the tour.

In a parallel music-industry universe where persistence and patience pay off, spending two steamy months sleeping in a vehicle crammed with strangers is enough to deserve a low-paying job.

But this is “reality,” and in the world of Trink — and his sidekick, Sugar Ray lead singer Mark McGrath — these road pups have to work. And they have to drive around in a Kia Spectra in every city.

The hip and good-looking contestants start off playing it cool. One contestant works her first day in stilettos, another stands at the bar drinking beer while the rest of the group is hauling equipment. When Trink snaps them into his reality, the shoes and the smiles both come off.

The contestants attempt to fulfill every request with reckless abandon — emphasis on reckless — to remain on the tour. Enter cheating, stealing and lying, stage right. As time passes, close quarters and fatigue bring out the truth, but not necessarily the best, in everyone.

When set up as teams, the contestants operate poorly, are highly dysfunctional, often seem at a loss for what to do or how to do it, and argue incessantly. Amidst the complaining, they manage to accomplish something — successfully or not — in each city.

The infighting and hook-ups become a sideshow to the surprisingly fierce competition for what amounts to an entry-level position. Their behavior is such that if Trink doesn't have kids now, he probably never will.

The show's producers incorporate Sugar Ray's music into the show without it being a distraction or interference.

Executive-produced and created by entertainment and marketing company Alliance, and co-produced by Rick deOliveira (credits include MTV: Music Television's The Real World, Road Rules and Making the Band, as well as the Spring Break theatrical The Real Cancun), On the Road premieres at midnight (ET/PT) July 9 (midnight ET/PT) on Spike TV.