Spike Set to Launch Henson Project


Comedian John Henson will provide commentary on an array of topics for Spike TV in the new year.

The Viacom Inc. men’s-targeted network will premiere original weekly half-hour series The John Henson Project Jan. 11 at 10 p.m.

Spike TV officials said Henson -- best known for his turn hosting E! Entertainment Television’s Talk Soup -- will proffer comedic bits and sardonic segments on a number of topics.

Among them: "Can I Kick His Ass?" in which he will weigh in on whether he could a whip a certain celebrity’s butt; "What Were They Thinking?" highlighting decisions that made absolutely no sense; and "Prime Time Crime," spotlighting inept bank robbers and bumbling peeping toms.

"John Henson brings a fresh, creative voice to Spike TV," network president Albie Hecht said in a prepared statement. "His humor is topical and progressive, and he'll address what guys are really talking about in barber shops, at ballgames and in locker rooms across the country."