Spike Turns Tables on Reality Genre


Hollywood, Calif. -- Now that it's won the battle over its new name, Spike TV
is refocusing its attention on original programming with the launch of a new
reality scam show.

The Joe Schmo Show, debuting Sept. 7, puts an unsuspecting reality-show
contestant in the middle of a scripted series, Spike president Albie Hecht

Produced by Stone Stanley Entertainment, the show surrounds the contestant
with several actors who pretend to be participating in a "real" reality

"The show really deconstructs reality programming," Hecht said. "It can be
seen as a parody, but it also asks the question: 'What is real in reality

In terms of the Spike name, Hecht would not reveal when it will be
incorporated on-air, nor would he discuss the financial settlement of the deal
reached between network parent Viacom Inc. and film producer Spike Lee.

He did say the agreement gives the network rights to the Spike name, as well
as providing an opportunity to "go forward with our relationship with Spike and
Tonya Lee."