Spike TV Studies Men


Spike TV said Wednesday that it will “provide exclusive research and survey results offering insight into the minds of today's men” on a monthly basis.

The MTV Networks service said it will cover different topics each month, including attitudes toward work, finance, health, sex and leisure time.

Spike TV recently completed a nationwide study of men by Penn, Schoen and Berland Associates Inc. and Insight Research Group.

Among findings from August’s research, which focused on men and travel:

• 86% of men 18-49 have vacationed at least once in the past year, while 19% have taken at least five trips.

• Men spent an average of $834 on their last vacation, including all food, lodging, travel and entertainment.

• From a list of vacation activities, men rated "sightseeing" (79%) and "relaxation and stress reduction" (77%) as the most important experiences.

• "Partying/drinking" is important to one-third of men, especially younger men (43%).

• "Meeting people/hooking up" and "visiting casinos/gambling" are important to one-quarter of both older and younger guys.

• Most frequently visited vacation spots: Florida, Las Vegas, California and Hawaii.

• Most frequently mentioned "dream destinations" to visit with "just the guys" are Las Vegas (41%) and Hawaii (8%), while 16% mentioned a place in Europe and 4% in Asia.

• Favorite travel companions for men are their immediate family (spouse/significant others with kids) or their friends. Least appealing: parents, extended family or alone with the kids.

• Men vacation close to home: 75% used a car to get to their last vacation, while 25% used a plane.

• Online travel sites are the most important source of information for men when planning a trip, while travel agents are the least important.

• Only 14% of men are afraid of terrorism when they travel.