‘SpinCo’ To Be Called GreatLand Connections

Name Draws On History & Geography Of Areas It Will Serve

“SpinCo,” the independent, publicly traded cable operator that will be spun out of the pending transactions between Comcast and Time Warner Cable and between Comcast and Charter Communications, will come out of it all with a with a new name: GreatLand Connections Inc.

GreatLand Connections, to be led by former Insight Communications CEO Michael Willner, will own and operate former Comcast systems serving about 2.5 million customers in the Midwest and Southeast U.S. With current MSO M&A activity factored in, that will make GreatLand the fifth-largest U.S. cable operator.

"We are pleased to publicly announce the name of this exciting new company we are building," said Willner, GreatLand’s president and CEO, in a statement. "The name GreatLand Connections pays homage to the rich history and striking geographies of the diverse communities in which the company will operate.  It brings to mind our commitment to connecting people and businesses with terrific products and excellent service in the almost 1000 historic communities - large and small - across the 11 states we will serve."

After Comcast completes its acquisition of TWC and Comcast and Charter polish off their subsequent system swaps, Charter is slated to come out with a 33% stake in GreatLand.

It’s been anticipated that a new brand would be affixed the spin-off. Comcast executive vice president David Cohen assured as much in May when he spoke at investor’s conference.

“I will be able to absolutely represent to you today that by the time SpinCo exists, it will not be called SpinCo,” Cohen said. “As people have said to me, ‘Please tell me that my cable company is not going to be called SpinCo’.”