Sponsoring Miss Daisy for TBS


Turner Entertainment Ad Sales and Marketing announced three title sponsors for TBS original unscripted series Daisy Does America.

Daisy Does America, from Courteney Cox Arquette’s and David Arquette’s Coquette Productions, is a “fresh, fast-paced and irreverent look at some of America’s most extreme characters and lifestyles as seen through the eyes of a British import,” TBS said in a prepared statement. The series debuts Tuesday at 10 p.m. (EST/PST).

America Online Inc., T-Mobile USA Inc. and Unilever N.V. will all be featured in on-air marketing and weekly tune-ins during the comedy series.

T-Mobile and Unilever will extend their consumer outreach to include branded broadband and video-on-demand sponsored programming, the network said.

AOL and T-Mobile products will appear in various episodes during the show’s season.

AOL.com (www.aol.com) will serve as the exclusive home for Daisy Does America content, including clips from the series and teasers for the following week’s episode.

And TBS’ Web site (www.tbs.com) will also feature the logos of all three sponsors.

“The Daisy Does America sponsorship outreach we created for AOL, T-Mobile and Unilever is an excellent example of the ways in which emerging technologies have become terrific opportunities when developing an extended promotion in today’s marketplace,” Turner Entertainment Ad Sales and Marketing executive vice president Linda Yaccarino said in a prepared statement.

“Advertisers now are looking for ways to reach consumers across multiple platforms -- something of which Turner is capable by customizing and meeting each client’s individual needs,” she added.