Spotlight: Ed Mount, Comcast


What started in 1977 at a nerve-wracking interview with Comcast Corp.'s founders ended with a top position in the MSO's Central Kentucky systems. Yet during that fateful interview, Ed Mount was confident, boasting nearly 10 years of constructing 35 cable systems in the U.S. and Belgium.

"I started out at as low of a position as they come. I watched the cable reels to make sure they were unrolling correctly, and that was my job," Mount explained. "After the first day, I was so sunburned, I could barely move. But I went back."

Nearly 26 years later, Mount will retire on July 31 as vice president and general manager for Comcast's Central Kentucky systems, including the town where he lives, Paducah, which has grown to 39 employees and serves 25,000 customers with digital TV and high-speed Internet service.

He has seen the company grow from 15 systems and a handful of employees to one serving over 21 million customers in 41 states. Still, Mount said Comcast retains its family environment: "Comcast is a great company with such a compassion for people. It has a great working culture."

With a wife, three children, two grandchildren and another pair on the way, Mount will go mobile, traversing the country with his wife (also pictured) in their RV.

"My wife comes from a family of 11, and they're all scattered across the U.S. — from Oregon to Florida, Massachusetts to California," he said. "We'll stay moving, as much as we can."

Another part of the Mounts's itinerary: Stopping at every Comcast system nationwide. "I think every retiree should be an ambassador for the company they worked for," he said.