Squaring the Broadband Circle

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Washington — With what
could be termed 20/20 foresight,
the Federal Communications
Commission is aiming
for 100 Megabits per second
for 100 million households by
the year 2020.

In a speech Feb. 16 to the
National Association of Regulatory
Commissioners, FCC
chairman Julius Genachowski
called that “100 Squared” initiative
“ambitious but achievable.”

He also gave Google another
shoutout for its plans
for a 1 Gigabit-per-second
test bed.

Some others were not leaping
on that Google broadband
wagon. National Cable & Telecommunications
president Kyle McSlarrow
called it a great experiment,
but only that, and wished
Google had put that investment
into broadband adoption
instead. He said the cable
industry is in the best position
to capitalize on Google’s test,
given it has the highest realworld
speeds already. Verizon
Communications noted that
it is already delivering such

“It’s great that the FCC is
lauding Google for its plans,”
said Verizon spokesman David
Fish, “however, Verizon is actually
deploying fiber to millions
of Americans right now
with the capability to provide
these kinds of speeds and