Stargus Targets DOCSIS Data


A group of former Cable Television Laboratories Inc. and MediaOne Group Inc.
executives -- backed by Amos Hostetter, among others -- will debut an advanced,
Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification-based,
network-management-software system later this year that will provide operators
with detailed information on high-speed-data usage inside their networks.

Stargus Inc. executives said they're positioning their company to help
operators improve network efficiency, troubleshoot problems before they occur
and accurately collect information on data usage by individual cable-modem users
for open-access Internet-service providers and content providers.

'Our goal is to unleash the power of DOCSIS,' said Russ Stephens, president
and CEO of Stargus, who is a former senior vice president for Continental
Cablevision Inc. and MediaOne.

Bob Cruickshank, who led CableLabs' DOCSIS effort and was interim chief
technology officer at Road Runner, is Stargus' vice president of business

The company completed a second round of financing of $10.5 million, backed by
Hostetter and YAS Corp.'s Rouzbeh Yassini, among others.

Stargus is developing software for operators to place in regional data
centers that would monitor traffic for up to 30,000 cable-modem subscribers,
Stephens said.

Operators will be able to analyze data to help them locate plant problems,
measure congestion and redeploy bandwidth. The software will also help operators
to deploy tiered-bandwidth services afforded by DOCSIS 1.1.