Startup Leaps With Its Web-to-TV Pitch


Video-services startup Clearleap is launching a Web-to-TV service for cable operators and content providers designed to quickly deliver video-on-demand clips - and dynamically inserted ads - to viewers.

CEO Braxton Jarratt said the Clearleap system is live with deployments in cable and Internet-protocol TV providers, but he declined to name them. He also wouldn't discuss content partners, although CBS College Sports Network is said to be working with the company.
The company has set up data centers in New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta, where content is aggregated and then delivered to Clearleap's Linux-based servers in a service provider's network.
Jarratt, a former executive at Tandberg Television and N2 Broadband, said Clearleap differs from other Web-to-TV approaches in that it's designed to work with existing VOD and set-top box implementations. That, he claimed, has allowed Clearleap to get the video system up and running with operators in just a few hours.
"We were VOD guys, and we found that incrementally improving the systems built 10 years ago for movies on demand just doesn't work when you're talking about huge amounts of content and the desire to keep it fresh," he said.
The Atlanta-based company, which has 30 employees, has raised $12.3 million from venture-capital firms Silicon Valley Bank, Trinity Ventures and Noro-Moseley. Jim Chiddix, one-time chief technology officer of Time Warner Cable, also is an investor and adviser.