Starz Encore, CableLabs Tip OCAP


Starz Encore Group LLC demonstrated an end-to-end, satellite transmission of an OpenCable Application Platform-enabled application last week in Denver, throwing its support behind the next generation of interactive content being developed by MSOs and programmers.

Starz said it was the first satellite transmission of an OCAP application -- in this case an extended menu of information on current and upcoming Starz features downloaded and verified by Cable Television Laboratories Inc.

Starz originated a signal with a 500-kilobit OCAP application that bounced off a satellite to CableLabs’ headend in nearby Louisville, Colo. CableLabs received the signal on a Motorola headend receiver for transmission to an ADB OCAP-enabled set-top box. Osmosys supplied the OCAP stack inside the ADB set-top, and UniSoft Corp. supplied the headend server for the application.