Starz! Kids HITS It Big

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Starz Encore Group LLC’s Starz! Kids will join Comcast Corp.’s Headend in the Sky lineup March 15.

HITS, founded by former MSO Tele-Communications Inc. in 1994, delivers digitally compressed cable-programming signals to more than 3,000 cable headends representing over 300 MSOs.

The East Coast feed of Starz! Kids will join WAM! America’s Kidz Network (East), Starz! Cinema (East) and Starz! Family (East) on HITS 15, marking the 13th channel and 21st feed of Starz Encore programming available to HITS cable affiliates.

In other Starz Encore news, the programmer said it has implemented a 50-terabyte networked-storage infrastructure consisting of EMC Corp.’s "CLARiiON with ATA" and "AVALON Intelligent Data Manager (AVALONidm)" software.

"Our goal is to ensure that we are able to continue the majority of our operations in the event of a catastrophic loss at our primary facility," Starz Encore vice president of production and operations Tom Mikkelsen said in a prepared statement.

"CLARiiON with ATA and AVALONidm have provided the proven reliability and performance we need, but without the maintenance requirements of a robotic tape solution," he added. "This is a significant step in our design and implementation of an advanced automated-recovery site."