Starz Picks Up Detroit Documentary ‘White Boy’

Film about teen who turns informant after running vicious street crime operation
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Starz has acquired the documentary White Boy, about teen FBI informant Richard Wershe Jr. Wershe ran what Starz calls a “vicious sophisticated underground cocaine operation” in Detroit.

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White Boy will premiere on Starz in spring 2019.

Directed by Shawn Rech, White Boy follows filmmakers as they investigate a piece of 1980s crime folklore, interviewing journalists, police, FBI agents and hit men about White Boy Rick, who has been imprisoned for 30 years.

Arrested as a teen and sentenced to life without parole, Wershe is the subject of the Sony feature film White Boy Rick, starring Matthew McConaughey. White Boy Rick made its international premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival Sept. 7 and opens in U.S. theaters Sept. 14.

Starz is part of Lionsgate.