Stations Scramble to Cover Eastern, Western Quakes

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A pair of earthquakes, occurring late Aug. 22 in Colorado and the afternoon of Aug. 23 outside Washington, had station staffs scrambling to cover the natural disasters.

The 5.9 quake seemingly came out of the blue in suburban Virginia, and was felt several states away.

"We all felt it -- we all thought it was a Metro train going under us," said WJLA VP of News Bill Lord. "Then it got worse and worse and worse."

Lord, speaking about 30 minutes after the quake, said staffers promptly resorted to their "battle stations," such as the control room and out in the field, to tackle the unique story. "The sites are going crazy, [News Channel 8] cable is going crazy, the stations are on all over the place," he sid..

Parent Allbritton is based in the region, in Arlington. Across town, WRC senior producer of content Matt Glassman was marking his 23rd year in Washington when the quake shook NBC's building in NW Washington. "I've never felt anything like this in Washington," he said

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