Stewart to Stick With Comedy Central Through 2010


Comedy Central signed a two-year contract extension with network star Jon Stewart which will keep him behind the anchor desk at The Daily Show through 2010.

Stewart, who had reportedly been courted by NBC and other networks, chose to sign a relatively short-term contract extension with Comedy Central.

“I love doing this show. I feel like I work with and for the best in the business. I look forward to using this extension to having great fun at President Colbert’s expense,” Stewart said in Thursday’s announcement, referring to colleague Stephen Colbert, who has announced he is running for president.

In addition to hosting The Daily Show, Stewart also serves as an executive producer and writer and is the principal behind Busboy Productions, with whom the network has a first look television agreement. The Colbert Report was the first series produced through Busboy, and the recently announced series Important Things with Demetri Martin is scheduled to premiere next summer.

“Jon Stewart is an extraordinary talent and Comedy Central is extremely fortunate that he will continue to lead The Daily Show team through 2010,” network president Michele Ganeless said in a statement. “Since joining the show in 1999, Jon has transformed The Daily Show into the most consistently funny, thought-provoking and potent political satire of our time and we are thrilled to extend our partnership with Jon and his company, Busboy Productions.”

Earlier Thursday, Comedy Central announced that it decided to place 13,000 clips from The Daily Show on the Web, offering the ad-supported video for free.