Stream Me Out to the Ballgame

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Major League Baseball said 30,000 fans watched portions of the first MLB game
ever to be video-streamed across the Internet.

MLB made the Aug. 26 afternoon game between the New York Yankees and Texas
Rangers available free-of-charge on its Web site to the entire world, save for the home markets of New York and Texas.

The league said some 12,000 fans in those markets tried to log in but were
denied since the game was available on TV in those regions.

MLB said 10 percent of the viewers were from outside of the United States,
with 25 percent of in-country viewers coming from the West Coast.

Audio of all MLB games is available on RealNetworks Inc.'s subscription
service. Condensed video highlights are available for $4.95 per month on That service counts about 150,000 subscribers.

'One of the goals of the Webcast was to expand the reach of the game
throughout the world, and we believe we were successful in doing that,' said
Daria DeBuono, director of streaming media at MLB Advanced Media, in a prepared

The league said it planned to stream one live game per week, save for
local-market blackouts, for the rest of the season, however long that may