Streaming Video Use Rises to 5.75 Hours a Week: Survey

Limelight Networks says younger viewers use smartphones to consume content
Limelight streaming chart.jpg

There’s a whole lot of streaming going on, especially by younger viewers, according to a new survey by Limelight Networks.

In the eight countries studied, people watch an average of 5.75 hours of online video per week, up 34% since last year.

For adults 18-25, that number exceeds seven hours per week, with more than a quarter of that demo watching in excess of 10 hours of online video each week, the study found.

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In the U.S., viewers stream an average of 6.58 hours of video per week, according to the survey.

Computers/laptops remain the primary devices used to watch online video. But in some countries, smartphones have become the leading streaming device among younger viewers.

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Among U.S. consumers who stream video to a television set, 33% use a smart TV with online video apps to stream video; 28% use a video game console; 22.4% use Amazon Fire TV; 21.2% use Roku; and 20.6% use Apple TV. According to the survey, 21.2% say they don’t use any streaming device.