Study: 18% Of Viewers 18-49 Opted In To Interactive TV Ads


A study conducted by Canoe Ventures and the Association of National Advertisers about how consumers engage with interactive TV advertising found that 18% of consumers 18-49 opted to receive additional info after viewing an ITV spot.

Their "CEE MEE" study was designed to capture the "Connection, Emotion and Experience" (CEE) of interactive television viewers and correlate that with the "Measurement, Efficiency and Engagement" (MEE) metrics of advertisers. Canoe and ANA, which announced their collaboration in October 2010, are expected to release additional findings next week.

Five large advertisers -- Fidelity, GlaxoSmithKline, Honda, Kimberly-Clark and State Farm -- were the first ANA members to participate in the study. The 18% response rate was based on aggregated results from four of those (excluding Fidelity) measuring response to "request for information," or RFI, interactive ads.

Ipsos OTX helped develop and manage the online panel of "TV enthusiasts." The CEE MEE study looked at other metrics, with aggregated results finding on average:

* Unaided brand recall for the test brand was 126% higher following an exposure to an interactive offer, regardless of whether the viewer actually accepted the offer;

* Likelihood to purchase the test brand was 29% higher for all exposed to an interactive offer; and

* Likelihood to seek more information about the brand was also 29% higher following exposure to an interactive offer.

Canoe currently offers an interactive RFI product, available to about 22 million digital cable households. The venture has agreements with programmers, including Comcast Networks, Discovery Channel, Rainbow Media and NBC Universal to sell RFI ads, which let viewers click to receive a brochure or product sample in the mail.

Canoe hasn't disclosed which advertisers have tested the RFI service, which it launched last year.

"Directionally, the findings of the ANA brands through their work with the CEE MEE panel are the same as the findings Canoe has discovered in studies with national brands that have actually run early RFI campaigns," Canoe CEO Kathy Timko said in a statement.

For his part, ANA CEO Bob Liodice said the results from the initial CEE MEE studies "are very promising, demonstrating that TV viewers will engage interactively, enjoy the experience and take with them greater awareness and a higher opinion of the brands involved."

Canoe and the ANA expect to continue the CEE MEE initiative with additional studies in 2012.

New York-based Canoe is owned by Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox Communications, Charter Communications, Cablevision Systems and Bright House Networks.