Study: 21% Of Pay-TV Subs Use TV Everywhere Monthly

OTT Video Subs Are Most Active With TV Everywhere, NPD Finds

More than one-in-five (21%) pay-TV subscribers use their provider’s authenticated TV Everywhere service at least once per month, NPD Group said in a study released Monday.

NPD, citing a survey of 4,205 pay-TV subs conducted in December 2013, noted that pay-TV customers who also subscribe to a subscription-based, over-the-top video service also tend to be the most active users of TV Everywhere services.

According to the study, three out of four SVOD homes also have a pay-TV subscription, and 25% use their provider’s TVE service at least once per month. Additionally, three-in-ten of SVOD users also tap TVE services on a weekly basis, versus only two-in-ten among TVE users that don’t also take an OTT SVOD service.

“Though some SVOD subscribers may be cutting the cord, the evidence is that the overwhelming majority are not only keeping the cord, they are lengthening it through aggressive use of TV Everywhere,” said NPD SVP and analyst Russ Crupnick, in a statement. “This speaks to the level of engagement they have with programming and a comfort in using the Internet to both access and interact with that programming”

The study also found that about 90% of SVOD subs reported being satisfied with their TVE experience.

The cable industry, meanwhile, has been ratcheting up efforts to boost awareness and usage of TV Everywhere. Of recent note, the marketing group CTAM and a group of partner programmers and MSOs introduced a campaign to promote the term “tv everywhere” and introduced a new logo (see image above) that plays up the multiscreen aspects of the industry’s authenticated/verified approach. A goal of the campaign is to have half of all cable subscribers be aware of “tv everywhere” by the end of the year.

At last week's Cable Show in Los Angeles, CTAM published seven first-phase recommendations for TVE log-ins, including placement, service provider selection, and co-branding for MVPDs and programmers.