Study: 3DTV Owners Love Their Experience


New York — Owners of 3DTV sets greatly enjoy their
home-viewing experience, rate picture quality as extremely
high, believe the upgrade was well worth the investment
and don’t even mind those glasses.

Those were among the key conclusions drawn from a
new study by SmithGeiger polling some 3,065 3D-capable
set owners that was commissioned by the DEG: The
Digital Entertainment Group.

The study, “3DTV Owners: A Closer Look at The New
World of Immersive Home Entertainment,” queried respondents
who had purchased LG, Mitsubishi, Panasonic,
Samsung or Sony sets over the past 15 months, Ron
Sanders, president of DEG and Warner Home Video, said
during the presentation.

Some 60% of survey respondents indicated that they
view 3D content on their 3D-capable TVs, with 88% giving
thumbs-up to the 3D picture quality. That compared
to 91% who viewed their 2D picture quality

Blu-ray theatricals were their 3D programming
of choice. More specifically,
78% billed movies as the leading 3D content,
followed closely by animated films
(77%), nature and wildlife fare (75%) and
football games (67%). Sanders said that
71% of 3DTV households now own a Bluray
3D player and that 62% were “already
starting to collect Blu-ray discs.”

Some 28% of all 3D set owners polled
own a PlayStation3 system, with 78% of
the group having upgraded the equipment
to watch films in the enhanced format,
with 76% doing the same to play

As for the glasses, the study found that
out of the 3DTV owners questioned, only a
handful experienced any discomfort when
using active-shutter 3D glasses. The surveyed
indicated that 83% of owners set either
took no time whatsoever, or just a few
minutes to adjust to wearing 3D glasses.

Of those surveyed, 74% own two or more
pairs of glasses. One-third purchased an
extra set with their initial 3D buy. Moreover,
52% said they received at least one set
of glasses bundled with their television.