Study: 59% Watch Mobile TV

Jumps to 72% Among 16-24 Year-Olds, Arris Finds
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In what’s sure to be welcome news to Verizon as it prepares to launch its mobile-first video service by “late summer” – more than half of consumers are already watching TV on mobile platforms.

That’s according to Arris’s latest Consumer Entertainment Index, which found that 59% of consumers now watch mobile TV, a figure that jumps to 72% of 16-24 year-olds. And there’s an uptick among older consumers, as the number of mobile TV viewers among those who are 65 or older rose 11%, Arris found.

That older demographic, Arris said, “presents an excellent growth opportunity for operators if they can help consumers overcome barriers of inconvenience and cost, and make it easier to download or stream content.”

The study, conducted on behalf of Arris by Vanson Bourne and based on the media consumption habits of 19,000 consumers in 19 countries, also found that consumers prefer downloading over streaming – with 72% of download-lovers saying it’s important to take their content on the go and view it without requiring an Internet connection.

The CEI also shed more light on the binge-viewing trend. About 60% of bingers do it alone, and the average binger chows down on three hours in each sitting.

Arris is a key supplier to cable operators, which are centering their wireless strategies on WiFi via wireless gateways in the home and metro WiFi networks.

On the home side of that equation, 63% of consumers reported having issues with WiFi as they look to connect more and more devices (the average home has six media devices connected to WiFi, per the study).

Being equipped to resolve those issues presents “a tremendous opportunity for service providers to improve connectivity issues,” Arris said.

Other nuggets from the report:

-The average household spends almost 6.5 hours each week streaming a subscription service.

- Four out of five (81%) of those who stream now do so at least weekly, up from 72% last year.

-73% of people who watch mobile TV at least once a week do so via WiFi.

-72% consumers consider a high-speed Internet connection in every room of their house either vitally important or very important.