Study: Broadband Viewing Up, But Not Affecting TV


More people reported that they are watching television and movie content via the Web, but it doesn't appear that this behavior is cannibalizing linear TV watching, according to a new report conducted by Nielsen for the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing.

An estimated 81 million people, or 63% of daily Internet users, reported that they watch broadband video at work or home. That level increased by 16% in just six months, according to “A Barometer of Broadband Content and Its Users.” Of participants, 33% said watching video via the Internet increased their overall viewing time, while 13% said they were watching less television in favor of broadband content.

The top destinations for online streaming? for television shows and Yahoo Movies for theatrical releases.

Consumers are more aware of where to find the video they want, according to respondents. Better navigation interfaces and the increased availability of high-profile television programs could further increase the use of the Internet for entertainment viewing in the future. The widest use of Internet streaming will come when content is more easily transferred to home television sets, according to the report.