Study: Cable Contributed $386B to Economy in 2014

Also Highlights Industry's 'Positive Impact' on Consumers
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Cable was responsible for $386 billion in economic impact in 2014 and accounted for 2.7 million jobs.

That is according to a new study from Bortz Media released Wednesday by the National Cable & Telecommunications Association, which commissioned the report.

Attention Capitol Hill: The study found that each congressional district has at least 300 cable jobs, and some districts have as many as 2,000.

The cable industry has added 1.25 million jobs ince 2002, according to the study.

"The cable industry’s expansion continues to have a significant positive impact not only on the national economy and workforce, but also on the millions of consumers and businesses that utilize its growing list of innovative services and features, the report also concludes," NCTA said in releasing the study.

The study comes as NCTA is making its case to a federal court on why new net-neutrality rules could put a damper on its ability to be a transformative force in "information, entertainment and connectivity."

Other takeaways the NCTA trumpeted include cable's estimated broadband infrastructure investment of more than $230 billion since 1996, average peak connection speeds of 30 Mbps in every state, and total cash and in-kind public service outlays of more than $1 billion.