Study: Consumers Have No Patience for Buffering

Waiting for Content to Load Builds Anger
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It may seem obvious to content providers, but a new study from video analytics firm IneoQuest Technologies puts a finer point on it: consumers can’t stand buffering. And waiting for content to load isn’t just a nuisance, it’s actually making people angry.

Defining the impatience of digital consumers as “buffer rage” (as IneoQuest puts it: “a state of uncontrollable fury or violent anger induced by the delayed or interrupted enjoyment of streaming video content from over-the-top services”), research from the Mansfield, Mass.-based company found that more than half of consumers who watch online video have “experienced rage as a result of their video buffering.”

Considering that 43% of consumers watch streaming video on a daily basis, according to IneoQuest’s data, that translates into a lot of angry consumers.

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