Study: Digital Subs Pick New Favorites


A total of 45 percent of the cable industry's digital subscribers started
watching a particular channel last year, according to a new Cable &
Telecommunications Association for Marketing study released Tuesday

According to "Testing New Theories on Driving Digital Viewership in the
Digital World," based on contact with about 1,200 cable and direct-broadcast
satellite households, new channel adoption is higher among digital-cable users,
compared with analog-cable and DBS users.

A total of 38 percent of the DBS subscribers surveyed through CTAM, as well
as 36 percent of analog-cable households, also claimed that they made another
channel not looked at before regular viewing in 2002.

Separately, digital cable and satellite customers using
interactive-program-guide channels to make their viewing choice are more likely
to catch new channels than those who do not. A total of 46 percent of the sample
use IPGs.

Some other study findings:

\u0007 Digital and DBS households are shifting away from broadcast-network
channels to genre or niche theme services.

\u0007 One-half of those surveyed look for a certain type of program to catch,
whether movies, sports, news, educational or lifestyle programs.

Chicago-based outlet C&R Research Services Inc. conducted the study for
CTAM, which incorporated some questions and topics suggested by senior
programming-service and cable-operator research executives.