Study: Fixed Wireless Raising Stakes


The fixed-wireless broadband sector is expected to grab more than 13 million
subscribers by 2006, bringing to bear a challenge to the
cable-modem/digital-subscriber-line high-speed duopoly, Allied Business
Intelligence Inc. said in a new report.

ABI said fixed wireless' strongest influence could be felt in the
small-office/home-office realm as service providers and equipment vendors work
on technologies optimized for non-line-of-sight (N-LoS) environments. Still,
N-LoS gear is not yet available in mass quantifies, and it remains relatively
untested, ABI said.

About one-dozen N-LoS technical schemes currently exist, and a clear-cut
leader in that area has yet to emerge.

If N-LoS proves viable and carriers center on standards, fixed wireless could
become a 'legitimate' cable-modem and DSL competitor and grab 20 percent to 30
percent of the world's broadband subscribers, ABI predicted.