Study: 'Hate’ Drives Viewers to Return to Dramas

Canvs study finds negative emotions can be more powerful than ‘love’
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When viewers hate characters or situations in TV shows they watch, they’re more likely to tune in again next week, according to a study by research firm Canvs.

Canvs, which studies the emotional responses to content in social media, conducted the largest TV viewership study using Twitter data and tied it to Nielsen ratings.

“We believe emotions drive behavior,” said Jared Feldman, CEO of Canvs. “Everyone wants to know why their ratings go up or down and it is in large part affected by how viewers feel about what they’re watching.”

The Canvs study looked at 5,709 episodes of more than 431 TV series over a year and a half and broke that down into three TV show genres: drama, comedy and reality.

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