Study: HDTV Still Too Pricey


Consumer awareness of HDTV is up, but most potential customers still see it as too expensive, according to a recent study by Ipsos-Insight.

The report found that 89% of Americans are aware of HDTV, up from 74% in 2002. Most of the 89% recalled seeing an ad for HDTV in the past month (88%, up from 79% two years ago), while the percentage of consumers who have never heard of HDTV fell from 26% to 11%.

“Advertising and marketing by industry players is getting noticed, helped in part by word-of-mouth and sporting events, especially the recent Athens Summer Olympic Games, which were presented in high-definition," said Lynne Bartos, a leader in the company's cable, media and entertainment research practice, in a prepared statement.

"But HDTVs are not yet in the consideration set of mainstream America,” she added. “Nearly three-in-four say that HDTV is much too expensive for them to consider purchasing right now (72%, down from 76% two years ago). Other research we've conducted shows that HDTV purchase intent is flat, with 13% of Americans 'very' or 'somewhat' likely to buy HDTV in the near-term, versus 15% last year."