Study: High-Speed Cost More in 2001


No surprise: Broadband Internet customers shelled out more for their
high-speed connections in 2001, according to a study released by La Jolla,
Calif.-based ARS Inc.

The analysis firm found that cable-modem customers saw on average 12 percent
monthly price hikes in 2001, rising from an average $39.40 per month in January
to $44.22 in December.

Digital-subscriber-line customers fared only slightly better, seeing their
monthly fees rise 10 percent during the year from an average of $47.18 per month
in January to $51.67 in December.

The study concluded that the sluggish economy was to blame for the increases,
as broadband providers faced increased pressure to make more money from their
offerings and competition narrowed as many providers went out of business.

ARS noted that as of this month, 100 percent of cable-modem customers had
seen price increases, while about 73 percent of all DSL customers saw their fees