Study Looks at ‘Generation Sí’


Today’s affluent, active and tech-savvy consumer: male and female Latinos 18-34 who consume media in English, according to a study released Monday by Sí TV and FGI Research.

“Generation Sí,” which makes up the bulk of the English-language Hispanic network’s target audience, “are clearly the English-dominant segment of the Latino market,” Sí TV and FGI said.

“They are far more likely to describe themselves as ‘Latino’ than American,” the two parties added. “This duality presents opportunities for advertisers to reach young Latinos with messages that resonate culturally but are best conveyed in English.”

“These online survey findings validate our understanding of Generation Sí and what makes them tick,” Sí TV cofounder and chairman Jeff Valdez said in a prepared statement.

“The Sí TV study further details the buying power that English-dominant Latinos harness across several product categories,” he added, “and Sí TV leads all media in tapping into this important market.”