Study: Mobile Customers Not Tuning Into Video


Video via cellular phones may be all the rage, but a new study called into question just how frequently subscribers tap into it.

Menlo Park, Calif.-based Knowledge Networks found in a recent study that 50% of mobile-phone customers who subscribe to a cellular-video-content service never use the handset for viewing video. It also found that 30% of video iPod owners don’t download and view video on the devices.

In tracing the cause for that low usage, the study concluded that consumers don’t buy video cell phones or video iPods for their mobile-video capabilities. It estimated that just 3% of broadband users age 13-54 use video-capable mobile devices to view video content. Even among subscribers who sign up for mobile-video services, only one-half regularly tap the content offered.

In contrast, about 17% of broadband users with laptops view video, with 23% having downloaded and paid for video content and 88% indicating that they would watch commercials to view free content on their PCs.