Study: More TVs on DBS than Cable

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A new survey found that 79% of TVs in direct-broadcast satellite homes are connected to that digital platform, versus 58% “set” penetration in digital-cable homes.

Horowitz Associates Inc.’s “State of Digital and Interactive Television 2004” also found that digital-cable subscribers pay an average of $16.60 more per month for their service than DBS customers do.

The report found that 45% of multichannel homes in markets where digital cable has been launched have some form of digital-television service -- digital cable (28%) or DBS (20%).

And 22% of current digital-cable subscribers said they will either disconnect their service altogether or downgrade to basic cable, while 14% of current analog customers indicated that they were likely to go digital.

“Quite simply, more satellite homes have digital service on more of their TVs than do cable customers and pay less, so satellite subscribers perceive that they are getting more out of their service and more value for their money than cable customers,” Horowitz Associates president Howard Horowitz said in a prepared statement.