Study: One DVR Just Not Enough


New digital-video-recorder research indicated that consumers may want more than one DVR in their homes.

"Most DVR owners want DVR on more than one TV," said the report, which was commissioned by DVR Monitor and home-networking company Ucentric Systems Inc.

Among current multi-TV DVR homes, 22% own two or more DVRs and 59% expressed interest in having DVR capabilities on every TV in the home.

The survey also found that the longer people had a DVR, the greater the interest in getting more DVRs installed.

More TVs in the home also translates into DVR expansion. For DVR customers with three or more TVs who bought their first DVR in the past year, 20% now own two or more units. Of those multi-TV homes that have had DVRs for three years, 44% now own multiple DVRs.

"It's is particularly striking to see strong evidence that this effect deepens over time," Ucentric CEO Michael Collette said. "Consumers with multiple TVs are increasingly likely to own multiple DVRs as time goes on."