Study: Set-Top DVRs to Conquer Stand-Alones


Digital-video recorders embedded in set-top boxes will surpass stand-alone models, according to a new study from Parks Associates.

According to the study, titled "Multimedia Networks in the Home: Analysis and Forecasts," "As cable and satellite operators enter a new phase of heightened competition to attract and retain customers, DVR set-tops will be a key differentiator and the platform from which service providers offer a host of new services, including on-demand content."

"By deploying set-top boxes with hard-disk drives, cable and satellite-television companies are addressing the growing appetite for digital content, while also eliminating subscribers' need for an additional, stand-alone box," Parks vice president and principal analyst Kurt Scherf said in a prepared statement.

"The deployment of such set-top boxes, in concert with advanced services such as high-definition-television content and video-on-demand, will also create a 'stickier' relationship between the provider and the subscriber during a period of intense competition," he added.